What Should You Expect from a Pitbull Pug Mix?

If you are fond of dogs, it is obvious that you would love to have one at home. They are the perfect loyal companion you and your family members will love. When it comes to getting a dog for your home, it is prudent to be aware of the different breeds and their temperaments. Moreover, when you are looking for the perfect dog for your home, a lot needs to be known especially if you have other animals around the place with children.

pitbull pug mixPure breed and crossbreeds

If you take a look at the market, you will find there are pure and cross-bred dogs. The latter is often referred to a hybrid designer dog. They are popular in the market today, and they retain the characteristics of both their parent breeds.

Therefore, when you are bringing home crossbred dog for your home, you must read about both the breeds so that you will get a clear idea about your furry friend so that you can give it the care and attention it deserves.

One of the most popular cross-bred dogs on the market today is the Pitbull pug mix. It is a playful family dog that sheds low. You will find that it barks often and is not like the pug. It is perfect for apartments and has a good temperament towards the whole family.

What does it look like?

The pugbull as it is commonly referred to weights approximately 20 to 35 pounds. The colour of its nose may be red, black or blue. Its eyes are mostly brown. It has a short tail that sticks to its back. Like the pug and the pit bull terrier, its coat is smooth and short. It has almond shaped eyes like the pug and gets its short muzzle from the pit bull.

The lifespan of the Pugbull

The pugbull lives for about 10-13 years and requires very little grooming as it does not shed much. It needs brushing on every alternate day. It loves to exercise and play. It demands a lot of activity. However, training takes a lot of patience and time. It tends to follow its way if not trained properly. You must remind your pet that you are the master when you are training it. Overall, it will always have a pleasant temperament towards its family. You can find the lifespan of a pug in this article. https://pugshome.com/how-long-do-pugs-live-on-average/


The cost of a Pitbull pug mix is $700 to $1200. However, the costs vary from breeder to breeder. You should contact different breeders and opt for one that meets your budget.

If you are looking for a pet that is friendly, good with your kids, social and loyal, the pugbull is a perfect choice. It is a fantastic watchdog for your home. It does tend to bark a lot however this will keep unwanted intruders away. All it needs is daily walking and some regular activity in the open. It loves its family however when you are training it, be patient as it takes time to pick up lessons!

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